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LBH, we all want to be a little extra 😉 (I miiight have built a fairy grotto for my daughter’s 3rd birthday). But as busy parents, we don’t always have the time or creativity to go big. 

Luckily, I’m a professionally trained pastry chef, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Including my favorite creation ever: EDIBLE STICKERS! 

Kids love stickers and crafts so I wanted to bring that creativity to baking!

Plus, as an allergy mom myself, I’m committed to creating & sourcing products that are free from top food allergens.

Whether you’re a beginner, pro, or somewhere-in-the-middle our baking & decorating products are EXACTLY what you need for an easy win. 🫶

From my magic kitchen to yours,

Kristina Founder, Make Bake